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I love scripting and hacking[1]. I like to write automative scripts, simple encryption algorithms, very basic AI that is not even AI, just big maps of algorithms that cover possible scenarios, implementations of simple classical physics etc.

I like to work out. I try to work out everyday in the mornings as it pumps me up for the rest of the day. It is also healthy and improves your physique, so why not? I mainly do push-ups, sit-ups and squats, and do a more intense version of jumping jacks if I seem to have gained extra fat. I love pull-ups, but I do not have and cannot install a pull-up bar where I live currently; I miss doing them.

Ever bounced small balls (such as tennis balls or stress balls) back and forth off of walls? It's fun! I sometimes even do this for workout, where I do that intensely (feel free to picture me do that and laugh). When you get very good at it, your hand-eye coordination makes you feel like a machine.

I like playing volleyball, badminton, table tennis and tennis.

I find joy in doing research on anything I would like to know. I can spend entire days dwelling Wikipedia.

I recently have grown interest in photography, but I did next to no photography as I did not have the chance due to COVID-19.

I love cycling! I like to follow along long (non-sloped) roads for a few hours and speed up whenever it is safe (not busy) and there is a downwards slope. I currently don't have my bicycle with me and İstanbul is not really suited for cycling for my taste, so I miss cycling.

I am interested in having building big lego projects as a hobby, but never had the time to initiate that.

I really like playing games. Mostly video games, though, I do not endorse the use, support and playment of video games I will mention here, as they do not respect your freedoms since they are not free software. Visit here for a more in-depth explanation. I only talk about the games below to explain why I enjoy video games. I enjoy playing challenging, fast-paced video games with well implemented movement mechanics such as Hollow Knight and Titanfall 2. In fact, I have gotten all achivements on both games... I also enjoy sandbox games, and in terms of enjoyment, I consider Minecraft and Terraria to be the best games of all time. I have heard that Minetest is a good free (libre) software alternative to Minecraft. For other games I enjoyed playing and a clearer explanation by me, visit the /games subdirectory.

I find pleasure in listening to music. In terms of general enjoyment, I usually prefer high BPM music with beautiful melody. Happy hardcore, drum and bass and eurobeat are some of my favourite genres. In terms of how much of the music I enjoy from all of the music released by an artist, S3RL is my favourite. Here's a Cave Story remix by All Levels At Once. For more musics and artists I enjoy, visit the /musics subdirectory.

I like to play music too, I can play the keyboards (piano, MIDI keyboard, synthesizer etc. I own a MIDI keyboard.) to an average degree and a bit of the guitar.

I find learning new languages not only educative, but also fun. I have learned English and I am currently learning German. Other than them, I plan to learn Esperanto, French and Dutch.

I enjoy watching movies, shows and documentaries.

Lastly, in most cultural works, the genres action, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, dark fantasy and a few others interest me.

1. A hacker is someone who enjoys playful cleverness.

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