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Status Log 2022/11

As a group of 6, me and my friends brilliantly decided to buy train tickets to Warsaw which would take off at 5 AM, so after the usual chores of the day and preparation, I went to sleep at 2:40 AM and woke up at 3:30 AM. Quickly got ready and took a bus to the train station. During the train ride, one of my friends suggested to play a card game which he called "Doku". After digging a bit on the internet, it is more popularly known as Snap. It is a fast-paced card game where you have to put down as many cards from your deck as you can to your opponents stack and get rid of all your cards first. It is currently my favourite card game now.

After getting to Warsaw, we hung around the train station for a while and went to the hostel. After leaving heavy luggage there, we explored the city and visited a few museums.

Also, due to the war in Ukraine, it was not that usual to hear sirens and see heavily armoured military trucks carrying tanks around.

Later that day, we went to the old town in Warsaw. Also due to the war, they were handing out food for free which was pretty convenient for a student like me. The old town was pretty cozy; there was a small fortress as well.

Going back to the hostel and waking up early, we had breakfast. Surprisingly, It was among the best breakfasts I have ever had! Then we took our train to Cracow.

During the train ride, I could not help but notice that someone had Librewolf and Brave installed on his laptop?! After asking about that, I conversed with him for the rest of the ride.

After coming to Cracow and exploring our initial surroundings, we went to an old royal castle. There were a lot of high quality statues and works of art inside, alongside spacious chapels. After lots of walking and exploring, we ate at a place in the main square. Afterwards we headed back to our hostel there.

Next morning, we went to Schindler's Factory and while we were waiting in line, we found out that we were quite lucky to be there on Monday because that was the only day where entry was free of charge.

Schindler's Factory was simply crazy. We were inside for 3 hours and every second of it was interesting. There were countless photos, artifacts, weaponry, books, portraits, documents and of course, swastikas inside. Absolutely worth the visit.

Later, we spent the rest of the day exploring the square and buying some souvenirs. After playing Snap again on the train back to Lodz for 3 hours, the city welcomed us with the thickest fog I have ever seen.

Since we came back, I have been playing ping pong with a friend and going to the GYM regularly. Aside from that, me and some folks had a lengthy, drunk discussion about *drumroll* religion and culture until 6 AM so that was something.

Today, there was an event of my favourite kind: City walk! It was mostly related to industrial buildings in the city. I enjoyed it a lot, to the point that I wanted to find my way back to the dormitories blindly, without using any maps; and so I did.

Currently, there is one big long-term goal regularly lurking in my mind, which is mastering my body. I want to be at the physical peak naturally achievable for the rest of my life. Let's see how that goes.

Written on 2022/11/13.

Last edited on 2022/11/13.

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