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Status Log 2022/12

What is better than being outside half-naked at 0 degrees celcius? Going inside a swimming pool outside at the same temperature of course. And that is what I did, as there was an organised event at an aqua park close by for exchange students. Me and my friends were there at 8:30, and 165 minutes of fun awaited us.

First, we were to get inside the swimming pool. After changing, we went outside and instantly felt the breeze all over our bodies. I was the first to get inside the pool. The moment I took the first step, the sharp cold started biting on my foot. As I stepped in, the cold climbed up. Then we all were in the pool. There was a minor but constant pain in my feet, but they told me that it was normal. Then the cold water was pinching away at my body. After a few minutes, we got out and went inside. There was a whole lot to do. After swimming in the pool for a short while (and sliding through short water slides) we went to the sauna. I have never been to a nude sauna though, and that is what it was. After walking by an entire gallery of completely naked people of all ages, we found an empty room and went in. After some interesting discussions and staying in a 40 degrees celcius room after coming back from freezing water, we were back at the pools.

We noticed something. Something important to notice. There were huge water slides. We started trying them out. I have never slid through completely enclosed (meaning, with the top side covered as well) water slides so that was new to me as well. The first 2 water slides were 130 and 146 meters long respectively so they were pretty cool. Then we tried a bunch of different, longer, crazier slides. Among them, there was one that was terrifyingly cool. You get inside a pod, and a trapdoor under you opens, then you literally fall down and slide almost vertically. Needless to say, that was my favourite. I could talk in detail about all the slides but then I would be typing pages. It was 12 o'clock when we were back. It was most definitely my favourite event amongst all of them.

We had booked a trip to Wroclaw before going to the aqua park. When the time came, me and my friend met up at 7 o'clock and went to the train station. She had printed lots of interesting "truth or truth" questions so that is what we had played during the train ride. The whole group was 11 people, but 5 of us came earlier than the others. Until the rest of us came, we went to a zoo. It was my first time at a zoo so I loved it. There were many animals there I have never seen before ranging from hippos to tigers.

After the rest of us came, we went to the city centre and explored around a bit. Around the time the sun dawned, we started exploring the Christmas market of the city. You could easily tell that there was a lot of effort put for the market, which was verified by a Polish friend whom said that this market is even more beautiful than the one in Warsaw, the capital. The atmosphere was great, except, it did not start snowing until we were done with the trip.

We went to sit at a pub. Late into the night, we went back to the hostel and played a normal playing cards variation of Uno. I did not win a single round that day though. Sad.

Next day, after everyone else woke up (which took a considerable amount of time!), we checked out and went for snacks. Then we explored around the city a bit more. We went to this grand church in the city. The others wanted to get to the top for the view, so me and the Polish friend stayed indoors and listened to some beautiful prayers.

After the sun dawned, we went back to the same train station and went back to Lodz. Now was the time to deal with the pile of assignments and other work that stacked up as we had our fun.

Written on 2022/12/20.

Last edited on 2022/12/20.

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